Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Im Back to Rant

 Sorry about my 5 month hiatus.

Not much has changed since my last post in October besides completing my final internship and degree course. I got a job now. A real adult job !! Oh wow ! (...i'm so missing being lifeless...)

  • Nothing to complain about my job so far besides the morning traffic to and from work.
  • My dogs killed their 2nd rat in the yard today.
  • My car makes this weird woozing sound whenever i get stuck in traffic for too long.
  • I would kill to go see Bruno Mars or Pink perform in Malaysia.
  • CNY this was good because i received extra extra ang paos from my married colleagues and company.
  • I can play the ukulele.
  • I finally changed a good hand phone for myself.
  • My weight lost challenge crashed and burned miserably.
  • I went for GDA and saw almost everyone i like.

I'll stop around there because there is this one thing that i have to get off my chest and is the main reason for me suddenly reappearing in the middle of the night to blog.

I sub-title this as,                      


I really hate and despise it when people borrow anything of mine and NEVER bother to return it.

YOU as the bloody BORROWER should be the one to make the first move but no~

I as the OWNER have to go..... and ASK for my items back.

Do you know how it feels like to have to ASK for YOUR things back?

It makes the borrower think that you're scared they won't give you back your stuff and you're RIGHT BECAUSE THEY WON'T !!!

And the most dumbfounding thing is (I speak from experience)...

"Oh you need this back? Why didn't you ask me sooner? I could have given this back to you last week.................................................................................................."

Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner..... 
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....
Why didn't you ask me sooner.....?

The appropriate question here is,

Why didn't YOU return it after you were done with it? 

I try to think of many reasons of why won't they return my stuff but it always comes back to being lazy.
It can't be forgetful because i've reminded them many time before.
It can't be inconvenience either because how inconvenient can it be to give back what you took?

I'm a naturally slow responder. I don't look deeply into anything. I don't look for secret codes hidden in sentences. I take a really long time to process things and when i do it's usually too late to say anything without sounding like a fool. (damn it rhymed)

Even until now there are things that i have lent to others all the way back during highschool that still hasn't been returned and i have asked for it but all i got back was, "Yea yea i'll remember to give it back..."

I get really sick of asking so i just forget about it, hold a grudge against whoever that took my stuffs and in the future just pretend that i don't have whatever it is you want to borrow.

Call me childish but tell me how would you feel if you have to chase for your own stuff?

Monday, October 29, 2012


Dark clouds and lightnings threatened to delay the concert of the year as eager young Malaysians filled the stands of the stadium from top to bottom and all corners of the field. 

Rain poured over them for over an hour but despite the soakiness of every person beside everyone, Malaysian VIPs weren't about to let mother nature ruin the fun as strong cheers for BIG BANG miraculously cleared the skies right after BIG BANG took stage.

The stage was enormous with all the installed gadgets and props. It was unlike any concerts I've ever been and best of all, Big Bang sang live 90% throughout the whole concert.

Big Bang lived up to their name as Big Bang and delivered a memorable night for all Malaysians who were there that night.

GD and Taeyang were charming as they spoke English to us most of the time, Daesung showed off some shyness and awkwardness when Taeyang passed the mic to him to speak to us in English, TOP danced for us when we wished him happy birthday,and maknae Seungri is quite the eye candy in real person.

  1. Tonight
  2. Hands Up
  3. Fantastic Baby
  4. How Gee
  5. Stupid Liar
  6. Knock Out + High High (GD & TOP)
  7. Strong Baby + What Can I Do (Seungri)
  8. Gara Gara, Go
  9. Number 1
  10. Cafe
  11. One of A Kind + Crayon (G-Dragon)
  12. Bad Boy
  13. Blue
  14. Love Song
  15. Monster
  16. Feeling
  17. Only Look At Me + Wedding Dress (Taeyang)
  18. Wings (Daesung)
  19. Haru Haru
  20. Lies

Last Farewell/Encore: 
  1. Heaven
  2. Bad Boy
  3. Fantastic Baby
  4. Hands Up

A beautiful moment was captured when Big Bang sang Blue and everyone turned on their blue light sticks and bangles creating a magnificent blue sea all around the stadium.

The energy radiated from Big Bang ran through the crowd like wildfire from the very start till the very end of the night.

Watch the encore videos recorded by Seungri with his Samsung Galaxy III,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling a Little Grimm?

Grimm is a TV series from 2011 and is currently in its second season in the US. Now the word 'Grimm' might remind you of 'Grim Reaper' but they are totally unrelated. This show revolves around the main character, Nick Burkhardt who is a detective officer and the last descendant of Grimms, aka hunters who hunt mystical creatures inspired by the Grimm brothers' fairy tale stories about monsters, demons and witches that exist in our world.

I've been watching this for the past few days and it ain't bad. I kinda assumed that the show will have cheap unknown actors, horrible special effects and make up disasters because that's usually the case for not so highly promoted TV series. Take Teen Wolf for example, it's horrible. The only thing to me that is attracting the viewers are the sexy eye candy actors, that's it.

Grimm on the other hand, believable acting, no awkward humors, dark concept but grabs our interest, and it's not all about hot young actors. Nick's side kick is a weird dude with a beer belly and is a reformed 'Bultbad' or in other words a werewolf by the way.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Superstitious Much?

I heard about this little Chinese superstition about the color of your newly brought car will either bring you luck or misfortune. 

I rarely believe in these crap but i enjoy reading about it. 

Today i was proven to be dumbfounded when a string of misfortune incidents kept occurring to a friend of mine in just one afternoon.

Apparently the God of Fortune thought it would be funny to take away all my friend's luck for half the day and see what would happen~ If not how do you explain the bad incidents happening one after another? 

*This isn't her car so don't go buying some random person's car plate number at TOTO*
This is the color of her new car she bought for work and she just got it for a day when all of this happened.

1st Incident
My friend wanted to groom her handsome dog so she took him to Petsmore. 

Now i wasn't there for the vicious bloody incident, i only arrived after everything had calmed down.

She said her dog needed FOUR groomers to control him and in the end they put a dog muzzle on him.

It seemed that my friend's dog was so scared that he bit the handsome groomer's hand and his own tongue during the struggle to give him a bath.

There were blood from the guy's hand and the dog's tongue dripping everywhere from inside the bathtub and outside around the bathtub.

I quote, "It was chaotic".

The groomer had to give himself and injected for the bite.


2nd Incident
I followed my friend to send her dog home before going to yum-cha but who the hell knew she would end up getting 2 stitches to her scalp because of an open window. *Yes, stitches to her scalp*

My friend said after she tied her dog to his spot she accidentally dropped something so she bent down to get it.

Everything from my point of view became slow motioned after she bent up.

I first heard a loud "THUMP!!" and knew it wasn't good.

Then i saw strands of hair stuck onto the object she bumped into.

I looked to my friend and she was pressing the top of her head.

Lastly I smelled and saw blood dripping down from her.

OMFG i thought.

My friend just got her head stabbed into the edge of an open window.

At first i only saw droplets of blood so i went to call her mum while another friend helped to keep her balanced.

I was gone for maybe 30seconds but when i came back it to them it seemed like i was gone for an hour because now there was a PUDDLE of blood still dripping onto the floor and my wounded friend's half face and arm were cover in blood from her head. 

I felt worse when i saw my other friend who was helping had both her hands covered in the wounded friend's blood. *Was i gone THAT long??*

Damn I'm really not making this up because i would have taken pictures if i had no sense of urgency at what was happening.

Her hair was soaked in blood and my other friend couldn't shut up about seeing this piece of meat at her wound. 

I just witnessed one of the most live gruesome moments in my entire life of my friend getting her head stabbed by an innocent window and my other friend kept mentioning that piece of meat to me like i wasn't feeling squeamish enough from the sight and smell. *Yes you. And so much for being an ex-St John*


3rd Incident
This 3rd incident happened while we were driving to the doctor.

As i mentioned earlier, my friend getting stabbed in the head by an innocent window so obviously neither me nor my other friend wanted to let wounded friend drive.

So i drove her one day old newly purchased Myvi to the doctor.

And then an asshole decide to bang into her car's butt bumper while we were waiting at the turning.

The first thing that came into my mind was what did my friend do in her past life to deserve such a significant day?

After my friend checked her car and settled the little accident with the guy we left for the doctor again only to find out that her back right mudguard got hit so hard it came out and was scrapping the tire.


At the clinic my friend got her head wound cleaned, injected with anesthetic, and finally stitched twice by this charmingly funny young Indian doctor.

I was wondering if all Indian doctors act the same way because my Indian doctor does.

And i when i came home i found out there was a 4th incident that happened to her at home.

Seriously girl !!! What the hell did you do in your previous life??? 


4th Incident
My friend's cousin brought her dog to my friend's house and it bit her.


If you're superstitious enough to believe it has something to do with the color of the car then so be it but i don't expect my friend to be changing her car so soon just because of today.

And don't you think maybe she or we were at the wrong place and at the wrong time at incidents 2 & 3?


If my friend's bad luck continues then i might have to use 'Bad Luck Brian' on her~ LOL

Monday, October 1, 2012

What I think about Reaction Videos

I sort of understand why there are so many [Reaction Videos] towards Korean Pop (Kpop) in Youtube nowadays. *There are other types of [Reaction Videos] but I just wanna focus on Kpop*

Before it used to be written reviews and word of mouth of how cool or how lame things sound and look. 

But with the nerd powers of our brainiac forefathers who invented the internet and Youtube, our world of music reviews were digitalized and we got to see the disgusting face expressions, high pitch squeals, on-the-spot-meltdowns, and some pure reactions of first timers to a certain song.

There's a simple explanation of why people make [Reaction Videos] that doesn't require any sort of deep critical thinking because there's no need to!

[Reaction Videos] are all about expressions and people who make Kpop [Reaction Videos] are Kpop fanboys and fangirls. 

They either really support that certain group and want to show others through their [Reaction Videos] of how amazing they think that certain group is to them or they just wanna share their genuine opinion about Kpop through expression.

Most of the [Reaction Videos] I've watched were made by Americans who have posters plastered all over their bedroom walls and have Kpop accessories everywhere.

Some of them have actual thoughts of a certain Kpop MV but unfortunately 90% of them are just simply squealing at the sight of their favorite boy or girl members, mouth hanging with a disturbing unmoving gaze from the screen, sometimes even hyperventilation from fangirls and the most annoying of all - rambling about unrelated topics they pick out from the MV.

This link below is a video in Youtube about kids watching Kpop for the first time and for viewers to watch the kids' reaction and later personal opinions about it.

*Ps: I blame the Youtuber for selecting those of songs*

The reactions were bad because they watched the MVs of SNSD 'Gee', SuJu 'Bonamana' and 2NE1 'I AM THE BEST'.

It's understandable for those kids to react that way they did in the video because i used to think the same way as them.

In my opinion, Americans especially American KIDS aren't used to foreign media. They grew up watching Disney Channels and listening to The Jonas Brothers and thought they don't need other country's music or movie because their's are good enough unless they're immigrants.

Kpop music only breached the ears of Americans maybe over a decade ago so you'd probably think that's long enough to start hearing them on the radios but no. Because of the language barrier and culture differences, most Americans associate Kpop music to loud noises with blonde wannabes who copy their American music. 

I guess [Reaction Videos] helped prove a point that there are hardcore American fans who can see pass all the negativity towards foreign media and appreciate Kpop for what it is and not be all territorial about what Americans should or shouldn't watch or listen.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Now some of you might be thinking, "Oh just another Hollywood flick made to fill the pockets of the already rich and famous actors and producers of Hollywood." Well just be thankful they're not remaking our old childhood cartoons like what they're doing to Robocop, Total Recall, Fright Night, Highlander, and i even heard about Jumanji might be getting a makeover! Talk about loosing anymore originality.

Back to the topic at hand, Hotel Transylvania tells the story of Dracula/Drac (voiced by Adam Sandler) who builds a lavish hotel hidden deep inside the forest that welcomes all monsters from 'Frankenstein' to werewolves to be themselves without the need to hide and the main purpose of protecting his daughter, Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) from the dangers of the human world.

Everything that Drac believed about humans for hundreds of years were turned upside down when a human named Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) accidentally stumbled into his hotel one night and 'zinged' with his daughter, Mavis. And by 'zing' i mean exactly like 'imprint' in Twilight because a person can only zing once and can never zing with another person again.

And just like in every animated flick you'd expect the typical storyline of comedy to romance leading to conflict and ending with a happily ever after song, well then you've nailed the whole story because what would you expect from a cartoon?? You can't expect there to be a cliffhanger and wait 3 years for Hotel Transylvania 2 right?

Overall this animated flick appeals to all ages and would leave you rolling all over the cinema floor with their catchy monster humor and 'aww-ing' at the growing relationship between father and daughter. It even reveals some real life entities like the song "I'm Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO and a super short scene of Twilight.

If you've got a soft spot for overwhelmingly cute stuffs then you shouldn't miss this because even i who absolutely despise Hello Kitty went "Awww...." and squealed at the sight of Bat-Mavis (close-up).

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stress Reliever

Its been so long since i visited my own blog that I feel like a stranger here ^^

Well long story short, I'm unofficially a university graduate until i finish my final co-op at some scary company filled with scary looking employer and employees willing to hire this naive-low-esteem-soon-to-be-23-years-of-age.........*I'm not comfortable calling myself a woman yet. Is that weird?*

Here i am, sitting in the same room in the same house in the same 'taman' for the past 17 soon to be 18 years  and it hasn't struck me that I shouldn't be asking for my allowance anymore. Damn i just made myself sound pathetic didn't i?

Things just aren't going the way i thought it would.

Lately i find comfort by going to karaoke boxes with my friends to scream our lungs out without having people to stare at us. If you have the right friends with you then you'll have a lot of fun in there. And its a great stress reliever because you can let lose of all you pent up stress from everything else. Earlier this month i went for an interview for my co-op. It went so badly that i was literally depressed for the whole day. But GreenBox cured me for the next few hours.

The best songs to sing during times like this are depressing songs to match your mood so that it'll counter each other and end up positive. Negative + Negative = Positive right?

It works wonders for me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Restlessness = Over Thinking and Panic Attacks

I always do this to myself and end up restless in bed.

Blaming the dreaded undying mosquitoes that haunts my feet in the dark.

Tossing and turning wishing I'd just fall off my single bed, slam myself onto my forever dusty parquet floor and get over the fact that something is on my mind and I can't get rid of it unless I'm busy cussing at something like my stupid floor.

I get like this every once in awhile because I'm not a verbal person.

I hate talking about serious stuffs like being all emotional, revealing my inner thought... *bleeeeeeh*

You can try but there's no way in hell that I would crack, unless you give me a few glasses of soju, beer, and rice wine together or else I would either lie, distract, joke, or runaway to avoid talking about it,

Yes, so if you think you had a serious talk with me in the past, it's probably fabricated just to get you to shut up about it.

The point of my rambling here is about co-op drawing nearer and I don't want to make disappointing and regretful decisions because it's my last time one.

I can't talk to my family because we're typical Malaysians if you know what I mean.

I can't talk to my friends because they'd either be omg super optimistic about it or they'd ask me the serious question, "What's wrong?"

Most of the time I wish to know there is someone exactly like me somewhere out there with the same fears, same confusions, same mindset.

How can I be so dependant on other people so badly??

Seriously, 18 year olds, fresh out of high schools are ready to stay alone hundreds of km away from home to go to college and I'm scared of this damn co-op. #wtf #omfg

I guess this is all I have to say at 3.40AM.

People do think a lot when they can't sleep which often results in being emo the whole day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Money is Absolutely the Root of all Evil in the Jackson Family

I came across the Jackson family news when I was scrolling around Facebook and wow they're bad. #MichaelJacksonBad LOL

Heard of the phrase 'Money is the root of all evil' ?

Well Michael Jackson's family is full of evilness now because apparently his siblings have gone way past from goodie uncles and aunts to bad-ass-I-want-my-share-of-my-brother's-money and they're not at all being discrete about it.

When Michael Jackson died, he didn't leave a single penny to any of his siblings in his will and it has become pretty obvious to everyone that they were furious about it.

Katherine Jackson (MJ's mother) was given custody for Michael's three children - Prince (15), Paris (14), Blanket (10), whom would eventually inherit their late father's fortune had become victims yet again because of their relatives' greed.

The Jackson siblings, allegedly kidnapped their mother to Tuscan, Arizona for 10days and later tried to do the same to MJ's children but failed.

CCTVs at the children's home captured the whole event and reports said that the confrontation that day had gotten physical and verbal between Paris and Janet at the end but was further prevented by Trent Jackson, Joe Jackson's nephew living with the children and Katherine, who also had a fist fight with Randy and Jermaine. 

And interview was conducted at Katherine Jackson's alleged kidnapped location (spa), it wasn't really an interview because reporters were not allowed to ask any questions and Katherine only read a statement which we can only assume was prepared by her children who were there with her, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie Jackson and Katherine was not allowed to speak of anything else besides the statement. #suspicious

Right now Katherine Jackson is back home with her grandchildren but some are saying she was brainwashed by her children in Arizona to think other people are lying to her and are trying to take her grandchildren away .

  1. TMZ (report) Janet & Randy trying to forcefully take the kids to Arizona
  2. TMZ (video) Janet & Randy trying to forcefully take the kids to Arizona
  3. ABC (videos&report) Katherine and TJ Jackson, co-guardians of MJ's kids?
  4. MJ's kids not safe around Jackson siblings
  5. Evil Jackson siblings' role play

So now will be about my understanding of the whole situation.

Katherine Jackson has the power to influence MJ's fortune from his children and that's why the siblings separated their mother from her grandchildren and later tried to bring the kids to Arizona too because Paris and Prince were becoming vocal about their grandmother's disappearance and the siblings doings. 

The Jackson siblings want a share of their brother's money and they're drawing their claws and out for blood to get it.

Michael Jackson became a legend and died a legend but his siblings stayed as only The Jacksons and since the dead - Michael - can't speak, why not plot to steal his hard earned money left behind for his three children because non of them are of legal age yet and their guardian is their 82 year old grandmother soon to have dementia.

Even in death Michael Jackson can't rest in peace. Sure he was a child molester but he had a terrible childhood and he's dead now and his kids have to deal with all his family shit. I won't be surprised if they turn out as screwed up as MJ in the future.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paradise in Redang Island

Last week I had the most sea-sickening yet magnificent weekend ever away from concrete walls to one of the most gorgeous islands up north of Malaysia called Redang Island. Clear blue waters, sandy white beaches, and sunshine all-day-long because KL had been raining cats and dogs before I left.

I thought the journey there would be a piece of cake but when the time came, I seriously miscalculated. I travelled to Redang by not one, but 6 methods of transportations from KL to Redang. First by CAR, then by TRAIN, then by BUS, then by PLANE, then by TAXI, and finally came the sea-sickening FERRY.

All was forgotten once I stepped off the ferry and onto the smooth white sand.

I stayed at the cheapest resort called <Redang Lagoon>.
 My resort may have been a bit run down, not as high-end as the other resorts but it was so peaceful. I especially loved the hammocks tied to the coconut trees facing the beach. I laid in my hammock and slept there for I don't know how long while swinging a little by the breeze. And even though the sun was shining down sizzling the sandy beach, it was surprisingly cooling under the coconut trees. 

The only downside of this place was my room, or chalet. It's like a Malay style house which has 1 & 1/2 stories. The lower level has an air conditioner which is great and even though the upper level is open and has this little fan, it's like a freaking sauna up there even at night and the cool air from the air conditioner doesn't blows up there at all.

My bathroom was cramped and horribly disgusting before the guy came to clean it, the shower looked like it was gonna drop at any second, the hose doesn't really have any power to shoot any water out and it may be the structure of how my chalet was built but i had to take this really big step down to get into my bathroom.  

These two pictures below was our cafeteria where they served our breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner. All meals were Malay dishes and it was my first time eating Malay meals for three days straight. 

I had tons of fun snorkelling. I kinda wasted my chance to go to the marine park because i was scared of getting sea sick again. I won't make the same mistake again next time.

I initially thought snorkelling was gonna be hard and scary but once i got used to using the gears I was snorkelling like a pro. I even tried to lecture my friend on how to snorkel. *Smart-ass me* But honestly the whole reason for coming to Redang was to get a chance to swim with sea creatures underwater and not waste it walking around the beach. And even if you don't know how to swim that's why they have life jackets! 

"More More Tea Inn"

 "The More More Tea Inn was used as the main location for a successful Hong Kong movie, ‘SUMMER HOLIDAY' starring Sammi Cheng and Ritchie Ren. The movie screened in all Asian countries in 1999."

"Initially designed as a temporary structure, the set was unable to withstand the harsh island weather and rapidly deteriorated. In 2003, Laguna Redang Island Resort restored the building to its former glory with more robust construction methods and materials."

"It is now one of the most popular attractions and a photography spot, particularly among visitors who have seen the movie."

And lastly I got to see real newborn turtles get released into the sea on my first day.

I had major body aches when i came home and it became worse the next day but it was all worth it. 
It cost me RM 514.70 for the AirAsia plane ticket and the 3D2N accommodation package. Another RM118.60 were spent on entertainment, refreshments and other transport fees. Adding it all up I used RM633.30 in Redang Island. It could have been cheaper if I didn't take the airplane but 7 hours of bumpy dangerous Malaysian bus drivers to Terengganu would literally kill me. Other than that, everyone should visit at least an island like this before they die. ^^